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    What’s up people? It’s been a little while since I was really on, if anyone knows me, feel free to message me or whatever to catch up or some shiz. I most likely won’t be back for long, as I’m now eating, I have been dating since May. Let’s not comment jokes on the fat guy though, ok? I’ve had a lot of fun gaming on steam, playing borderlands 2, and the pre sequel. Any of my borderlands 2 fam, comment. Let the people know your here. I’ve matured since the last time I was really on, I also turned 15. I feel old already. It’s been over a year since my dad passed away, that anniversary wasn’t so long ago, same with his birthday, but don’t let that get to any of you. I recently about a month ago started vaping, I vape 50mg nicotine, which is also the max. It helps me stay in reality, I tend to slip into thoughts and imagination follows it, and blocks everything out. I would love to know how all of my old friends have been, if you even play anymore.

    Signed- Kaname~



    Wow, autocorrect gets the best of us, it’s not eating, it’s dating.



    Hey Kanye! How are you doing? I would love to see you online more!

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