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    Well obviously everbody knows me.
    I was helper for a few months until i took a break because i didn’t have a lot fun at it anymore.
    Now i want to appl as builder because m building skill isnt that bad and i have a lot fun at it. I would also love helping Barbercraft again! Well as everbody knows, my name is daro (Daniel irl) I’m 14 and im rly trusted with world edit and stuff. I could also always help out as person to help players.

    I dont really know what to write here because eric and the other staff members know me prett good.
    Im better at building older themed stuff than modern. I have the builder star and 2 others (voter, donator)

    If any more questions feel free to ask!




    I cant even tell what i want to apply for.
    Builder app omg

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