A little quiz game, cause why not?

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    The following quiz has points, add your points up to get your final answer. This quiz is what kind of weapon are you?

    1: what do you do for fun?
    A. Sleep 10 points
    B. Read 30 points
    C. Spend time with family 20 points
    D. Sit in the dark playing video games 40 points

    2. What intrigues you most?
    A: movies 20 points
    B: love 50 points
    C: family of course. 30 points
    D: darkness 40 points
    E: projects. 10 points

    3: what is most funny to you?
    A: psychotic murders of course 40 points
    B: dirty jokes 20 points
    C: people failing 10 points
    D: watching someone jump off a roof, hitting a car 30 points

    Last question. What kind of person are you?
    A: obviously chill 10 points
    B: sweet, kind, loving 30 points
    C: dark and humourous 40 points
    D: anger is always in control 20 points


    80-100: your weapon of choice is a dagger, quick to strike, but slow to block.

    110-120: your weapon is a bow. You always hit your target no matter what, and your a quick draw.

    130-140: your weapon is a scythe. You like killing your enemy’s slowly, delivering as much pain as possible.

    150-160: your weapon is a rapier. You are light footed, quick on your feet, always to strike first and hard.

    170: your weapon is a double edged sword. You are mighty, you get anything done by any means necessary.

    Comment below your score, and answers if you really want.

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