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staff re-aplication

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Member+ and above ONLY *Must have voted at least 50+ times*
-Age (14 and up required):I'm 15
-Name (Last name not required):johnathan lee parker
-Are you apart of the Barbercraft Discord? i do haave discord i have 2 accs OdinElite and son king
What unique contributions can you bring toward the server?
-Are you willing to vote at least every other day? yes
-Have you made a YT video for this server?yes
-If yes would you continue making videos?yes
-How many stars do you have?i have 1
-Have you had previous issues with staff? Be honest! not that i could think of
-Why you think you are fit for this role? i would love to be a helper since i love helping out a lot
-Are you able to advertise the server? If so explain how:i advertise it on youtube and at school and to other minecraft gamers that play on a server that i would make
-Do you report bugs and glitches you find on the forums? (Links attached please)if i find any yes i do
-Do you report players who cause issues? (Links attached please) if they don't stop what they are doing that's bad after i ask nicely
-Are you active on the forums?yes
-What is your full AR time? 6 days 15 hours and 40 minutes
-Building experience (1-10) Screenshots appreciated: I'm a very good builder i know how to decorate and look unique
-Some of your strengths with server work:
-Have you read the Barbercraft Staff Guidelines? yes
Final note you must agree that your staff rank is subject to termination at any time most likely due to inactivity, attitude issues, lying on your staff app, refusal to vote, etc. yes i understand that
why i want to be a helper; i want to be a helper so i can help people that need help as much as i can i love to help people and i cant stand ignoring someone even if they make me annoyed i just love helping out and i want to help everyone
Posted Mar 31, 19 · OP
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You missed quite big points in your application. You left "Some of your strengths with server work" and "What unique contributions can you bring toward the server" blank.
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Posted Mar 31, 19
my strengths towards the server is ik 75% about all the plugins that i have known about like tinkers and mcmmo and the pluggins we all know about i love to help and i would like helper and nothing better
Posted Apr 1, 19 · OP
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