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Staff Application by Lost_InSilence

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Before you start reading readying my applycation, i want you to know that it is my first one. My motherlanguage is not English so please dont look at my grammar that excactly.
Age: 14 Years.
Name: Thiemo (I would appreciate my ING Lost).
Discord: I am a part of it, but I dont really talk much, because Im a bit shy when it comes to sharing my voice, but I am working on my selfconvidence as much as possible. My Tag is Lost_InSilence (Lost)#3487.
Unique Contribution: In my freetime I often make Songs with Noteblocks, what I think is pretty unique on the Barbercraft Server.
Voting: Since 2 weeks after the reset I started voting and will keep it up as much as I can. YT: I am a small part of the trailer, which Daro and his Sister are making at the moment, but that's the only thing.
More Vids: I would at least try to, If my Laptop allows me to.
Stars: One, the Donor-Star, but I currently have Votes 83, so at the end of this week I will have the 100 Votes for the Voter-Star.
Issues: I never really had an Issue or argument with a Staff-Member, as far as I remember.
Fit: I think I would fit for this roll, because Im a Person, that knows when to stop joking, but usually I am a nice guy with a good heart, that loves to help. Also, I am pretty used to most of the Plugins (Such as Chestshop, CoreProtect, WorldEdit etc.).
Advertising: I am thinking about making a second Instagram-Account just for the Barbercraft Server, where I can Post newest Actions about the server (I would let you know the name as soon as I made it).
BugReports: If I find a Bug, I usually tell the Staff-Members first and ask them if I should Post it on the Forums. . PlayerReports: Its pretty much the same as with Bugs or Glitches, but before I tell a Staff-Member, I try to handle it myself before I tell them, because I know that Staff-Members are pretty busy. Usually they can clear the sitiuation and everything goes fine.
Forums: Usually I am every 5th Day on the Forums, but I am currently trying to get more active here too.
ArTime: My current Ar time is 9Days 6Hours and 25Minutes, but I spent about 6hours or more on the creative Server.
Building: I want to be honest, so I would say a 5 out of 10. I am not the best at rating myself so I could be worse. I usually build with WorldEdit and like to create custom Terrain, trees and setting up rooms.
Strength: I am very good with WorldEdit, love to decorate and like to help out Players, what i am doing without the Staff-Rank already, but it would really give me more options to help others (Such commands as /co i rollback /sf cheat (For replacing bugged items) etc.) Also, I am ready to learn more about the server itself, and being part oft he Staff-Team would be the best opportunity to learn more in my eyes.
Barbercraft Staff Guidelines: I have read and agree with the Guidelines.
-Final note - You must agree that your staff rank is subject to termination at any time most likely due to inactivity, attitude issues, lying on your staff app, refusal to vote, etc.: I agree
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Posted Aug 27, 18 · OP
Good Job on that Lost

GL with your application
Posted Aug 27, 18
Level 4
I think you're a nice guy, but you should also have some more accomplishments on the server before joining the staff team as to be honest not a lot here is really stand-out from previous applications.
Posted Aug 28, 18
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