Hey yall its me, Amb

So I did post this suggestion, in short, on the discord, but decided it needed an in-depth coverage/post about it.

The donation store currently sells ranks, rank upgrades and merch.

Personally I'd love to see key bundles on there. We already get the keys from voting, yes, but other than that, there isn't much more about them. It would be nice to have the option to buy them in bundles, or just one, from the store!

These bundles could be 5, 10 or 25, if ya feelin lucky, honestly haven't thought of the price, but since there is 5 dif keys with dif loot, they should obviously be dif prices. For example, 5, normal key i think is the lowest tier could be sold for like, less than $5 as the stuff you get isn't really worth much, however speaking of worth, you could totally add/remove items to the crates to make them worth the price you sell them for.

My other suggestion (including suggestion from Madi) is having job based kits that you can also buy from the donation store. A one time purchase, that lets you get the kit every, say 2 weeks/4 weeks depending on the items you get.

So there doesn't have to be a kit for every job, but maybe a kit for the 4 or 5 most popular jobs. So Miner, Digger, Hunter, Enchanter and Farmer (or Woodcutter). Each kit could have their own slimefun item too, to make it cooler/exciting.

Miner kit could have the following: Glowstone suit for nightvision (obvs mining), a Sharp 5, Unb 5 sword to fight mobs when mining, an explosive pickaxe (eff 5, unb 5, fortune 4), a normal diamond pickaxe with perhaps Silk Touch, Eff 5, Unb 5, and some ores, like 16 of each ore (Coal, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Lapis and Redstone)

Digger kit could have the following: another sf armor, probably the same as miner, or just dyed leather armor, a Sharp 5 sword, 2 dif shovels, one with silk touch, maybe like, a level 10/20 tinker tool with some modifiers for the player to make themselves, and maybe dirt lmao.

Enchanter kit could have all the things you need for enchanting: EXP bottles, some plain tools to enchanter, an anvil, enchanting table, bookshelves, books, some high end books (like silk, sharp, eff, fortune, infin etc), lapis.

Builder kit could get some high end blocks and some tools to help build with: Quartz, Woods, Stones, Glass, Concretes, Wools, Glowstone or Sea Lanterns.

Woodcutter could have: Lumber axe, Sword, other axe for building with, ya idk.

Hunter job could get: Sharp sword, Sharp axe, bow, arrows, gold apples, a wolf egg and bones for companion, shield (custom design maybe), prot 5 armor idk, maybe those stomper boots.

OKAY, and my final suggestion would be donate-able discord custom titles, maybe for like $2-$5, depending on the length of the title, dont have to overlap the rank colors, personally I love this bc then people can feel more in the community if they have their own tags, or their friend group can have their own group tag, cute af.