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Block Placement Glitch

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Unfortunately, there is a block glitch that's been happening to other players and also myself. This one player has really struggled with it. Other players have suggested ways to fix the glitch but it has not worked. I'm wondering if there is a solution just in case it happens in the future. I'm not sure if this has been reported. (I checked the best I could.)
Thank you!
Posted May 31, 18 · OP · Last edited May 31, 18
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IIUnLuckyII these blocks occur often in a glitch with a sf item which was not "removed" correctly by the server. Typically this includes custom slimefun sapplings growing up and any slimefun block that is updated. When the block was technically removed the server and slimefun still think there is a real block there and will not allow you to place anything there. What you want to do to fix it is push a block in its place with a piston and then break the new block to update the old block and from there on it'd be fine to place anything you want unless of course it re happens again. If yours is a big area that needs clearing like a big farm ask staff to world edit some stone in for you and don't worry because the server still thinks your slimefun item is on the block so when you break the new forced block placed there by piston or staff you will get your item back while unglitching the block. If this does not work it must be another plugin but as far as it is slimefun this will always work
Posted Jun 11, 18
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