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BabyPuppers Staff Application

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Age (14 and up required): I am 19 years old I will turn 20 in September
-Name (Last name not required): Nick
-Are you apart of the Barbercraft Discord? Yes
What unique contributions can you bring toward the server? Some unique things I can bring is experience with a plethora of different plugins ranging anywhere from permission plugins to just plugins that add a sense of community and fun to a server.
-Are you willing to vote at least every other day? I am willing to vote at this spacing or even a vote every day.
-Have you made a YT video for this server? No, I am not going to lie saying I have or will. My current setup is not made for any type of editing or recording. If I needed to make a video I would make plans to do so and do that within the provisions given.
-If yes would you continue making videos?
-How many stars do you have? I have 2. My voter star and my donator star.
-Have you had previous issues with staff? Be honest! I have had 2 warnings for over excessive cursing.
-Why you think you are fit for this role? I believe I am fit for this role due to the fact of my plethora of experience with servers ranging from creative to factions.
-Are you able to advertise the server? If so explain how: I would not be able to advertise due to the previously stated fact that my setup is not made for that type of thing.
-Do you report bugs and glitches you find on the forums? (Links attached please) I have not done so but if I do notice it or get a report from someone else I would not hesitate to report it.
-Do you report players who cause issues? (Links attached please) As I previously stated I have not done so due to the fact that I have not seen this.
-Are you active on the forums? I am not currently but I would be glad to if that was asked of me.
-What is your full AR time? 1 day 16 hours.
-Building experience (1-10) Screen shots appreciated: I would say about a 6. (don’t have the screenshots right now will attach when able.
-Some of your strengths with server work: I love helping others. I love public relations which is what a Minecraft server is. So, I believe I am strong within that. I will be honest one of my biggest weaknesses is when someone starts with any type of homophobic comment.
-Have you read the Barbercraft Staff Guidelines? I have read the guidelines and I fully understand and agree with them.

"I hate the word homophobia. It's not a phobia. You're not scared. You're an asshole."
--Morgan Freeman
Posted Mar 25, 18 · OP · Last edited Mar 25, 18
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issa adultpuppers :oops:
XXX on a killstreak
Posted Mar 26, 18
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You may wanna get some more time on the server. Your ar time seems very low.
~Mis Platos Tienen Problemos Mentales~
Posted Mar 26, 18
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