I have already made one of these in the past, and I apologize for any controversy it may have caused at that time.

-Age (14 and up required):
-Name (Last name not required):
-Skype: (required for chat with text): (Don't have to post if you're not comfortable having it public)

What unique contributions can you bring toward the server?
I'm decent at building ig, I have experience not only with staff-ing, but experience with barber.
-Are you willing to vote at least every other day?
-Have you made a YT video for this server?
A few videos
-If yes would you continue making videos?
Most definitely
-How many stars do you have?
Four stars (Builder, Voter, YouTuber, and Donor)
-Have you had previous issues with staff? Be honest!
Just a few issues, getting muted and stuff, but a long while back.
-Why you think you are fit for this role?
Been around for almost the whole deal, longer than some of the staff currently even, I've owned my own server and know a bit about that stuff. I am also awake at times that other staff members are not.
-Are you able to advertise the server? If so explain how:
YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter
-Do you report bugs and glitches you find on the forums? (Links attatched please)
-Do you report players who cause issues? (Links attached please)
-Are you active on the forums?
-What is your full AR time?
38 days, 4 hours
-Building experience (1-10) Screen shots appreciated:
See attached
-Some of your strengths with server work:
Not quite sure what BC, has to offer, but I used to run my own server for a while.
-Have you read the Barbercraft Staff Guidelines?
Final note you must agree that your staff rank is subject to termination at any time most likely due to inactivity, attitude issues, lying on your staff app, refusal to vote, etc.