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Why does everyone hate Watch Dogs?

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So the game Watch Dogs was released in 2014, and last year I got around to playing it. I was skeptical because everyone would say that it was a bad game. I sat down to start playing and instantly got sucked into the storyline. Without spoiling anything, I can say that he basically becomes a hacker vigilante to avenge his niece. That's a pretty badass story, but a game with a good story isn't always good. Well, this day that I decided to sit down and play, I didn't stop, I played for nearly eight hours straight. I was sucked in. I broadcasted as I played, and ended up finishing the main storyline in two days. As far as glitches go, there were little to none. Of course, this was 2017, when it was released on xBox One, and most bugs had been patched. But even now, people still have a certain hatred towards the game.
I did some research on why people dislike the game. Sure, there isn't a fully functional multiplayer, but the game never would have worked that way. You're supposed to be a single man, a vigilante. I also found that people may dislike it because it's made by a large developer, Ubisoft. Just because a game is made by Ubisoft, doesn't mean it's not gonna be good. In my experience, Ubisoft has had many successful games such as Far Cry, Assassins Creed, and some of their Tom Clancy games. I don't see how Watch Dogs is any lesser than those games.
Ubisoft didn't stop with the one game either. They most likely looked at how everyone disliked the game and made something much different, because honestly, this game was a letdown from the first. I may have finished this one in a day or two as well but the storyline did not give me as much emotion. It was less about family and more just about saving other random people. I have found many more glitches in this game, most likely because it is a much larger game than the first. It is a game that is closer to GTA now. Though it may have been a letdown from the first, it still wasn't bad, and something I really loved was the cameo for Aidan Pearce, the main character in the first game.
I just see Watch Dogs as being a game that pulls people in using emotion, and that's what I love about it. Most people haven't even played the game and just jump on the bandwagon, so if you are one of those people, you should try playing the game, you will most likely change your mind.
Posted Jan 13, 18 · OP
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The game isn't bad, but I didn't like how the actions for everything just made the whole "hacking" aspect seem so repetitive lol.
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