Age – Just Turned 13.
Do you have Skype? No.
Do you have a Builder Star? Yes.
Are you familiar with World Edit?Yes, very.
Do you have shaders?No.
Are you willing to vote every other day?The days that I'm online, I will.
Full AR time – 7 hours, 45 minutes.
What are you best at building? Parkour maps, with a little help from PlutoDax.
Do you have any weaknesses when it comes to building?Well, when it comes to worldedit, I have no weaknesses, I have a weakness with building huge builds from scratch.
Do you agree not to abuse your powers?Yes.
Have you read the Barbercraft Builder Guidelines?Yes.
Final note: You must agree that your staff rank is subject to termination at any time most likely due to inactivity, attitude issues, lying on your staff app, lack of commitment, etc.I agree that if I don't do those things, and I get terminated off the builder team, I will not be upset.

Attach screenshots of your builds on Barbercraft below.
Only images of builds that are on Barbercraft will be accepted.